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Brochure about the Academy

The chief mission of the State Polar Academy is to train new generation of highly qualified experts for North, Siberia and Far East regions who fit new requirements of nowadays and its economic challenges. By their level of expertise and culture they should promote new higher level of standards of living in those regions.

The mission outlines innovative activity of the Academy and its researches for fundamental and applied disciplines, integration of science and education and electronic communication development for all the activities. Such a mission requires from the Academy to be an institution where well developed methods of training give possibilities for students and teachers to be entirely engaged in the process of a professional growth and a fruitful self-realization.

The State Polar Academy asserts itself as a multicultural institution in the city of St.Petersburg which plays an important role for economical and cultural development of North, Siberia and Far East regions. Academy is integrated into their social and economical processes and builds these relations on the basis of close interaction and cooperation. This can be described by the model Institution-Region-Production and is supported by demands for study and researches in those regions.

Realizing the responsibility for intellectual potentials of Northern regions of our planet and its needs for well-trained experts the State Polar Academy is oriented to international cooperation. It uses the highest achievements in different areas, participates in international programs and projects.

Academy is an integral society of teachers, researchers, students and alumni who strive for fruitful self-development and self-realization. The practical activity, professional development and up-to-date technologies adaptation are organically included to all study programs.